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  • Kayla Walther

Maiya & Sam

When I first met Sam and Maiya I immediately felt the energy. The excitement. The new feeling of their relationship. The endless possibility of whats to come. They first met online and she knew he was the one by his witty banter and quick remarks.

We started our session out on a logging road with a short hike up to see the most gorgeous view over the Sechelt channel.

From the farthest point apart while I was thinking about what music I had on my phone i mumbled "I only have Taylor Swift." Maiya's bionic hearing heard me and she shouted out "DO YOU HAVE HER NEW ALBUM!?" "CAN YOU PLAY 'BUT DADDY I LOVE HIM!'" & I knew instantly that we were going to be good friends.

After we took a short drive down to a lake and made a campfire. They brought their crib board with them to play by the fire. Sam had taught Maiya how to play and now they play all the time.

They naturally also danced to T Swift down by the lake together too!

When Sam described Maiya in one word he said "bouncy." Initially she was surprised by his answer but after spending time with them I couldn't agree more that it was the best word to describe her with. She lights up the space around her, she is lively, full of energy and self confident.

These 2 couldn't resist seeing the sunken dock after winning a game of crib to rush out and play on it.

We ended our session on the forest road. Seeing their playful love was so beautiful but also how delicately Sam held Maiya, how gentle he was with every touch, how Maiyas smile grew to the far edges of her eyes every time she glanced at him is a love for the books.


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