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The Experience


I'll guide you through the entire process...

No two love stories are the exact same.
I want to capture YOUR authentic one! 

I want to make this as enjoyable and easy for you
as possible so that you can focus on

I can help you find a location that feels most like you,
guide you through what to wear
and help you to just have fun together!

How It Works


Reach Out

If you're ready to book send me a message, tell me about yourselves, your family. What do you love to do? How did you meet? What are your kids favourite activities? Then we can get in touch and pick a date!


Securing your date & Support
East to West Photography - Footprint Ico
East to West Photography - Footprint Ico
East to West Photography - Footprint Ico

When we've picked a date I'll send over a pricing guide, once you pick what's right for you I'll send a contract so we can make it official! Once signed and the retainer is paid you're all booked in! (Woohoo its planning time!!)

I'm here anytime along the way to answer any questions, help you with what to wear, go location scouting, and get you guys excited to make beautiful memories

East to West Photography - Footprint Ico


Gallery Delivery

I'll send you an email with a link to download all of your new beautifully edited images. They are yours to print, share on social and show the fam!

East to West Photography - Footprint Ico
East to West Photography - Footprint Ico

invest in your memories



30-60 min session

1 Location outdoor or indoor

Location suggestions and scouting

25 Professionally edited images in a password protected online gallery

**Add ons are available**



1-2 hours adventuring together

1-2 locations in home or outdoor

MINIMUM 50 professionally edited images in a password protected online gallery

1-2 outfits (access to my client closet for maternity and newborn)

20 polaroids


Add Ons



15 polaroids/ $100


Rush Gallery

$75 (gallery received within 3 days)


Additional Outfit Change



Additional Family Members over 5

$75 (more editing required)

  • What is my Love Language?
    Words of Affirmation. Words can be so beautiful and powerful.
  • What is my favourite season?
    SUMMER BABY!! Waking up to the warm sunshine, getting to wear sandals or barefoot everywhere you go. Spending my spare time at the lake. My skin gradually getting darker everytime I'm out. Getting to explore the forest floor through my little boys eyes. The summer makes me feel alive, energetic, adventurous and so deeply happy. Coming in a close second would be early fall, when the leaves start to change, tea becomes a daily staple and curling up feels like home
  • My favourite drink?
    Recently I've turned into a tea drinker! Since I was an early teen I loved coffee. I still do but making some healthier choices (I couldn't have coffee without cream or sugar haha) I discovered so many more tea flavours and it has become a comfort drink. If you haven't tried Forever Nuts- Davids Tea go now. You're welcome!
  • Bucket List Travel
    Australia, South Africa, Kenya, Italy, Greece, Iceland, Japan, Scotland, Indonesia. I've been to 14 countries before I hit 22. I slowed down once I got married and had a baby but I feel like I'm in a constant state of Wanderlust, thinking of where we should travel next. Making lists, travel plans, checking flights. Its become a spare time hobby. I just want to show my boys the big wide world outside Canada, to experience different cultures first hand. To try something that scares you, meet people from all walks of life whether its a tribe in Malawi or a small island community in Utila. There's so much to see in our big wide world and I believe its the best teacher.
  • Something I miss about Ontario
    My family, hands down. They are my people. I grew up with a small family (we could fit at one dinner table at a wedding) and so we did everything together. I FaceTime them almost daily! My mom and my aunties are literally my best friends. The strangest thing though that I miss about Ontario is the thunder storms. The flash and boom that would rumble through your body was a staple every summer. When it was so strong that the power went out and my auntie would without fail walk around the block to our place and we'd light candles and play board games.
  • Sunrises vs Sunsets?
    Sunsets! I love that golden glow that just seems richer in the evening, the closing of a beautiful day. Getting to experience it with my family together. The way that glow when you stare at it long enough makes your eyes heavy and sleepy. Its one of natures beautiful shows it puts on for us and it's never the same. I'm also not a morning person!!



Let's Get You Booked

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